Private Yoga Lessons & Integrative Energy Healing

Are you considering starting your yoga journey and unsure where to begin?  Explore the world of yoga with private lessons tailored just for you by Annette.  You’ll benefit from personalized postures, breathing techniques, and meditations designed to meet your unique needs.  Discover the confidential and serene setting of Annette’s private studio, or virtually from the comfort of your home.

Annette also offers  Integrative Energy Healing treatments to restore balance to your nervous system. Healing touch cultivates deep relaxation and healing by opening the energy flow in your chakras. 

Annette follows the ancient Hatha Yoga tradition by providing one-on-one instruction, ensuring a highly personalized experience. She holds a Certificate in Advanced Integrative Energy Healing and is recognized as a senior Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 500) and Continuing Education Provider (YACEP) by the Yoga Alliance.

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 | Vancouver, Canada

Virtual Private Yoga Lessons

The studio comes to you!  Experience personalized virtual yoga classes via Zoom in the comfort of your home.  Each session is tailored to your specific needs.  All you require is a yoga mat and an internet connection. Prior to your session, you’ll answer a brief email questionnaire about your goals, focus areas, and any limitations. Sessions are one hour long, so allocate extra time for preparation and relaxation. The class begins with guided warm-up movements, breath work, posture practice, and concludes with 5-10 minutes of meditation.  

Discover the confidential and serene setting of Annette’s private practice, a supportive environment to enhance your overall health and well-being.

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