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I have been practicing virtual yoga with Annette since the pandemic started. It is an activity I look forward to every week. The sessions bring calmness to a busy week and promote tranquility and a positive mind. It always feels good to devote an hour to yourself and refocus your mind. Annette is a very pleasant, calming and at the same time energized teacher. I learned so much from Annette and feel so beneficial after every session. Annette, you are the best!”
Gail 2020

“I have been taking yoga lessons with Annette for many years now, and through each session, I learn so much. Her knowledge of yoga practice is exceptionally insightful and creates an understanding I have not experienced anywhere else. After a stressful or busy week, her classes always promote relaxation and mindfulness. My flexibility has progressed immensely. Also, her energy is incredibly calming, and she exudes positivity.”
Sabrina 2020

“I have been blessed to have been practicing yoga with Annette for over 15 years! With the advent of Covid-19 we had to participate via Zoom and I never felt any disconnect…the classes became an even further grounding in my life. It even led me to explore more of Annette’s magic online, regularly practicing some of her specialty focused classes in the comforts of my home and my current fave is the “Yoga for Tight Hips”, it’s become an integral part of my bike-training regime!
Thank you for being YOU Annette! You are an essential part of my well-being!”
Lori 2020

“Annette is a splendid teacher – knowledgeable, creative, and thoughtful. Thanks to her wonderful teaching and attention to detail, my strength and flexibility are greatly enhanced, and I find myself spontaneously incorporating poses and improved posture and alignment into my daily life. She has also generously created a list of poses and stretches that I can use at work to alleviate mental and physical stress. I love yoga but have been put off by crowded group classes, so lessons with Annette have been a true gift. Namaste!Magal 2020
Annette is one of the best teachers, of any subject, I ever had. She is kind, attentive and knowledgeable. Being through several group Yoga classes, I came to her very skeptical of Yoga as a physical practice that can help improve my flexibility. Under her guidance, I am now able to stretch and flex better than I have dared dreaming; and through practice with Annette I also began to understand what mindfulness really means. Thank you Annette!”
Yuri 2020

“I have been with Annette for more than 8 years and the last 5 years have been in a private “family class” with my sister and my husband. She is the Best. We start our week with Annette on Monday evening. She soothes the toughness of Monday’s and puts us in a good space to face the rest of the week. As others have mentioned she tailors the class to our needs and injuries with concern, kindness, knowledge, and wisdom.
She also has a delightful sense of humor uplifting our class with laughter when appropriate. If possible, she will flex the schedule if we cannot make it on a Monday – none of us willingly give up a week of no Annette yoga! Annette is a focal point in the well-being of my life.”
Karen 2017

“Annette is an excellent Yoga Instructor as she is knowledgeable and passionate about the practice. She is very much about working with you and the goals you have. At the start of the class she wants to know what you want to work on that day and also doesn’t forget to hit on any other longer term goals you have. She is interested in you and is always concerned about your well-being. For example she will check in to see how your knee is doing during a stretch to ensure it is not hurting. In addition to ensuring you don’t get injured she helped restore my aching back. In a nutshell her happy, friendly and open personality makes her an excellent instructor and I would recommend her in a heartbeat.”
Damon 2017

“I came to Annette to provide me with the starting skills of yoga in a personal setting with no intimidation of group classes. I enjoyed her easy going, friendly, welcoming private sessions which catered each week to how I was feeling physically or mentally. Some weeks I needed mentally calmer sessions, some weeks I enjoyed more challenging physical sessions and when I hurt my knee from my horse riding, she also catered to that and provided sessions to stretch and heal the sore knee, which really helped! She informed and explained the background of every pose and the purpose behind it. I also appreciated her flexible schedule which suited my busy and ever-changing work lifestyle. It was fun to watch myself progress week by week, and I walked out of each session feeling fresh and relaxed! Looking forward to having some future session with her again soon! Thank you Annette.”
Anouchka 2017

“I have never been into large yoga classes and was subsequently turned off yoga all together by the throngs of sweaty people collectively grunting and OMing. That was until my girlfriend and I found Annette. We have been attending private couples yoga sessions with her for the better part of the last year and it has changed my entire perspective on yoga. The sessions have become much more than yoga for us, they have taught us new ways to relax, laugh, communicate, meditate, strengthen, heal, stretch, pose and have no doubt brought us closer as a couple.The setting in Annette’s home is private, warm and inviting, complete with fireplace, soothing music and calming aromas. Each session is different and tailored to your mood or preference that day. We have ranged from intensive flow to interactive couples stretching all in the same class. Annette has even worked with us through serious injury and helped with an amazing energy healing session in lieu of yoga. And then to my favourite part, each class ends with Annette leading a beautiful meditation by the fire, complete with soft blanket and roll pillow for under your knees. We can’t thank you enough Annette and we are very grateful to have discovered you.”
Bryan 2017

“All I can say is, thank you, thank you. Annette’s generous and compassionate spirit has given me the tools to rebuild my life. I have been doing the homework almost every day since our last session. Honestly, it is the only time I feel some real relief and results.
My MS symptoms fluctuates all throughout the day, which can be very stressful and frustrating, but as soon as do what Annette has taught me, I feel like I used to feel prior to my diagnosis, if not better. The power of the breathing techniques is truly astounding.”
Liza 2017

“I stumbled upon Annette when I was researching alternative forms of healing in Vancouver. Working with her has opened my mind and heart to a different side of myself. She has given me tools that I use in my daily life to remain grounded and balanced. I always look forward to my time with her and am very grateful for her special gift of intuition and knowing what I require before I sometimes even know.”
Sandy 2017

“My energy healing session with Annette was extremely beneficial, and her studio was the perfect place to feel calm and relaxed. We discussed the areas that I was feeling problems with and began the session with some meditation that helped melt away any stress I carried. At the end of my session we discussed what my experience was and what things I can do myself to help keep things on the up and up. Overall I highly recommend Annette’s services, she has an amazing energy about her and I will definitely come back for future energy healing sessions!”
Jeremy 2017

“Annette is truly a gifted and talented yoga instructor, and on top of that she is just an all-around fantastic person! Annette consistently designs a class that is responsive to my various aches and pains and I always leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. I also appreciate that she has taught me to be patient with my body and to value the process. I always look forward to our class and the calming space it provides. Thank you Annette for being so awesome!”
Kari 2016

“While Annette is the most amazing yoga teacher, I cannot imagine one could find better, she is so much more…Annette has supported me through some pretty grim times, our yoga sessions have been both healing and restorative with joy thrown in. For this I am eternally grateful.Wether you have been practicing yoga for years and are looking for a change, or new to it, you will not find a more caring and more competent individual to work with. Thank you Annette, I love you.”
Carol 2016

“I have had many instructors over my 20 year practice, and I always look forward to our special yoga lessons with Annette. I have known and practiced yoga with Annette for about 10 years now and her ability to design a yoga session, that flows and leaves us feeling refreshed, energized, and grounded, based on changing needs of a small group, never ceases to amaze me. Her insightful knowledge, genuine compassion, and intuitive and kind approach makes her an outstanding instructor. I have learned so much from Annette, and I am immensely grateful to have had her in my path.”
Caroline 2016

“I have been practicing yoga all over the world for over 20 years and Annette is by far the best teacher that I have ever had. She has an amazing ability to intuit what you and your body need and creates a bespoke lesson to make sure that you achieve your goals, whether you want to strengthen your core, achieve mindfulness, or improve your emotional health (to mention but a few). She is also a fantastic person who genuinely cares for and takes care of her clients. I no longer live full-time in Vancouver, but when I know I am going to be in town, she is the first person that I contact in order to set up practice sessions. If only I could get her to move to London so I could practice with her all of the time!”
Bianca 2016

“As a newcomer to yoga and being in my 40’s I’m so thankful to have found Annette.She’s so patient with me and has the best personal yet professional approach in our sessions. She’s accomodating and disciplined at the same time. I couldn’t ask for a better instructor or place to practice yoga in Vancouver period!Not only has she helped immensely with managing my stress levels, but she’s also helped improve my breathing and posture a great deal. Also, through meditation, relaxation techniques, and specifics poses she diagnosed the exact cause and fully treated (naturally) a serious recurring shoulder injury.I would encourage everyone to try yoga and start as young as possible.”
Kash 2016

“My time with Annette’s yoga over the past 10 years has been simply the best. In a town that is so filled with yoga it is amazing to practice with someone with her kind of experience and passion. She is both spiritual and calming but knows how to kick your butt if you’re in the mood for a good sweat! She was also amazing while I was pregnant!! She knows how to read her clients… I always leave Annette feeling calm yet revived all at the same time.”
Liza 2016

“I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your videos on YouTube. Here in London I have found it really difficult to find a yoga class that focuses on the calming and spiritual side of yoga rather than just the workout. I find your videos really helpful to use when I get home from work and want to practice on my own. I absolutely love your calming and grounding guided meditation too. So just wanted to say thanks for putting them out there!”
With very best wishes,
Ellen 2016

“I have been receiving healing sessions with Annette for almost 2 years. Balancing life, work, and home life can become a challenge and at times I feel intuitively out of balance. Monthly healing sessions have been my life saver. I feel much calmer, clear-minded, and more positive after each healing session. I look forward to my sessions with Annette and I am thankful for her continual wisdom and guidance.
Carrie 2016

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