Student Reviews

TESTIMONIALS “I have been practicing virtual yoga with Annette since the pandemic started. It is an activity I look forward to every week. The sessions bring calmness to a busy week and promote tranquility and a positive mind. It always feels good to devote an hour to yourself and refocus your mind. Annette is a very pleasant, calming and at… Read more →

5 Yoga Tips for Golf

As autumn approaches and your golf season wraps up it’s a perfect opportunity to cross-train.  Training in more than one discipline will improve fitness and performance, especially in the game of golf.  Practicing yoga and playing golf have many principles in common; they both require fluid movement and flexibility, rotation, focus and concentration, core-strength, and proper breathing.  Read on to learn… Read more →

What Is Meditation All About Anyway?

Mindfulness and meditation are widely promoted for having healing powers and enhancing overall wellbeing, but how does one ‘empty’ the mind? What is the purpose and the benefits of meditating? And who has time to meditate? These are common questions I answer from curious students feeling overwhelmed about embarking on a meditation practice. With over-stimulated brains and fast-paced lifestyles taking… Read more →

Reconnect With Your Partner

Overall happiness and wellbeing can be measured at a physical and mental level, but what about at a soul level?  By soul level I am referring to the part of you that does not include physical, sexual, material, or intellectual aspects.  This metaphysical part of your higher self lives in your energetic body. We exercise the physical body with activity and the mental… Read more →

Why Private Yoga Lessons are Better for Men

Finding the appropriate practice that is right for you is key in starting an injury-free yoga practice.  One-to-one yoga lessons cater to the unique individual’s body type and provides a safe environment especially for the beginner male student.  In yoga some postures are going to work for some students while other postures will not and a private setting addresses which practice… Read more →

Special Events Yoga

Consider a private group class for your next special event.  Annette will compliment your special day with a relaxing yoga class catered to your friends or family’s needs and lead your group at your preferred venue creating a memorable yoga experience. Prices vary, for full details email Read more →

Yoga through the seasons

When the seasons change so should your Yoga practice Summer In the summer we are generally more active and your yoga practice can counterpose strain on your body from cycling, running, and walking in flip flops.  Take advantage of the heat by doing less postures with longer holding time.  Seated wide angle or child pose can be held up to 5 minutes to encourage… Read more →