Sessions are 1 hour and all equipment is provided in Annette’s beautiful private Vancouver home-studio.  By working one-to-one the experience is focused and personalized to your ever-changing needs.  We start with a conversation addressing your health history and your goals. Then guided warm-up movements, learning and practicing the postures that are appropriate for you, and 5-10 minutes of deep relaxation.  

Hatha Yoga combines breathing techniques with poses to reduce stress, promote blood flow, flexibility, and mental focus. Practicing yoga eases everything from chronic pain to depression, anxiety, and elevated blood pressure.  Practicing hatha yoga is known to increase brain-power by focusing the mind and strengthening concentration.  The diaphragmatic breathing provides more oxygen to brain cells and protects memory connections.  The intentional focus on slow movement helps control the stress response and builds coherence between right and left brain. Check out the FAQs or Contact Annette for more details 


The setting in Annette’s studio is private, warm and inviting​, complete with fireplace, soothing music and calming aromas. Each session is different and tailored to your mood or preference.