Yoga through the seasons

When the seasons change so should your Yoga practice


In the summer we are generally more active and your yoga practice can counterpose strain on your body from cycling, running, and walking in flip flops.  Take advantage of the heat by doing less postures with longer holding time.  Seated wide angle or child pose can be held up to 5 minutes to encourage deeper muscles to release.  Going slow in your yoga practice prevents injuries by increasing flexibility, concentration, and mobility.


From childhood the fall season always feels like a new year because the academic school year begins.  As adults this is an ideal time to start a new healthy routine.  As September approaches set new yoga goals and make yourself accountable to your new routine for 3 months.  Make the goals do-able like practicing for 5-10 minutes everyday in the morning and in the evening.  Chart your progress and record the benefits you notice.  You will greet the new year with a better you!


When the holidays roll around and viruses are rampant everyone falls out of their routine.  January is a good time to jump start your yoga practice and get back into focusing on you.  However, when the cold season hits it’s easier to cozy up and hibernate all winter.  The contrary is advised for maintaining overall health and wellness.  Your energy-body needs heat and movement to balance the cold and inertia.  Try pumping up your practice by adding more standing postures, sun salutations, and heat-building postures.  Even a simple pose held for several minutes can really build purifying inner heat that boosts immunity.  Try holding the chair pose for 2 minutes while breathing Ujjayi pranayama.


Spring time is about new beginnings and a time to learn and try new things.  Going on a yoga or meditation retreat is an excellent opportunity to try something new.  Retreats are all about retreating from your everyday life and connecting to the oneness within.  After immersing yourself in a self-care weekend you’ll return to your life feeling refreshed and balanced.  Or register for a course about something you’ve always wanted to learn about.  Even a 3 hour workshop can open your mind and your yoga practice to new heights.

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