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Overall happiness and wellbeing can be measured at a physical and mental level, but what about at a soul level?  By soul level I am referring to the part of you that does not include physical, sexual, material, or intellectual aspects.  This metaphysical part of your higher self lives in your energetic body.

We exercise the physical body with activity and the mental brain with knowledge, but what about the soul?  Your spiritual self is exercised by connecting to higher states of consciousness and reconnecting to your inner supreme being.  The energetic self can be accessed through a variety of positive ways including; meditation, Yoga, music, deep relaxation, and Integrative Energy Healing.

Connecting with a person and sharing spiritual values in life is a sacred bondUnfortunately relationships become blocked, depleted, and isolated when the stress of everyday life interferes.  Tolerance for one another may dwindle as your connection on a deeper level is compromised by distractions such as work, social life, and finances. Participating in something positive and healthy as a couple is the foundation to living a relaxed and content life with your partner.

In an Integrative Energy Healing session with your partner you both will experience connecting with one another in a new and positive way.  This connection is divine, mystical, and difficult to describe with the limitations of language.  To understand it you must experience it deeply.  Connection with your partner on a soul level will replenish and feed your relationship the nutrients it needs to continue to grow into the future.

What to expect in your session:

For the Integrative Energy Healing session with your partner we start with a meditation facing each other and seated in chairs.  By clearing and charging your own energy field first you’ll be ready to deeply connect with your partner.  Next you’ll learn how to connect with your partner on an energetic level by practicing giving and receiving energy.  After providing feedback to your partner and debriefing with each other on what you both experienced, you’ll be guided into a deep relaxation (Savasana) reclined on a yoga mat and tucked in together with cozy blankets.  You’ll leave the experience feeling connected and relaxed with tools to continue your soul level connection at home together.

For the Couples Yoga session you’ll practice the postures both on your own and together in a private setting.  Supporting each other in the yoga poses accesses a deeper connection physically, emotionally, and spiritually…and it’s a lot of fun!!

A couples yoga class is a healthy way to spend time together, practice yoga, and be with the one you love.

Beginners welcome!

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